PATENT NR EP2682611 (European) Nr 1412566 (Italian)

Suitable to operate, test and control cleverly any kind of valves mainly in the pipeline application (Gas or crude oil) and HPU controller.

  • Rugged Die-cast Aluminum enclosure
  • Suitable to control any type of hydraulic or pneumatic actuator, double or single acting, linear or quarter turn.
  • Safety functions designed according to IEC61508, part 1 to 7 “Low Demand mode”.
  • Installation at site, on board of actuators or separate as a stand-alone unit.
  • Remote control: by HART® and Modbus® RTU (redundant) bus protocol or by multicore cables and hardwired signals.
  • Integrated non-intrusive local operator interface by pushbuttons and graphic display for control and setting. User-friendly navigation in the menu by icons and multi-language texts.
  • Solenoid Valves (SOV) coil integrity test.
  • Explosion Proof Ex-d.

Main Application

  • Line Break for gas/crude oil pipeline application, SIL 3, Type “B”, HFT 1, SC 3
  • “HPU” (Hydraulic Power Unit) Electronic Controller
  • “ESD” function for “Low” and “High” pressure or both, SIL 3, Type “B”, HFT 1, SC 3
  • “PST” (Partial Stroking Test) and “FST” (Full Stroking Test) for Instrument Air, Gas and hydraulic powered actuators

The above functionalities can be configured together