Our design and manufacturing activities are being managed in accordance with the highest quality and efficiency standards, and through the employment of the most sophisticated equipment and methodologies.

The Design Phase is carried out using Solidworks 3D Mechanical Design Software applications, which allow the development of all DVG Product Range.

The virtual testing and analysis of each actuator is performed by COSMOSWorks Professional Design Validation Software, which offers a wide spectrum of tools, also aimed at predicting the physical behaviour of any part under any loading conditions.


The installed and production capacity is of approx. 7.500 units (fully customized and tested one by one). All major activities such as Welding, Machining, Assembling and Testing are carried out internally ensuring full control of the manufacturing process, guaranteeing a high percentage of on time delivery. Modern Equipment and Technologies are the core of DVG production system and include:

  • Robot units, perform structural welding, guaranteeing the perfect repeatability on complex components.
  • Press for spring cartridge assembling up to 70 tons, able to measure the effective spring force.
  • Highly efficient Horizontal Machining Centres (up to six axis).
  • Automated Tubes Bending Machine allows high flexibility and high volumes, while maintaining low process costs.
  • Automatic warehouse


Each and every actuator is individually tested to verify: Output torque, Functional and pressure test, Recording of stroke speed, Correct coupling dimensions (conformity to valve topworks).

The goal of individual testing is to assure that each and every actuator leaves our factory in perfect working conditions and complies to customer specifications. All the produced equipment is tested and delivered complete with its own individual pertinent Test Certificate according to EN 102043.1.

DVG Test Benches have a torque range from 5.000Nm up to 250.000Nm.
Hydraulic Power Units are also available for hydraulic actuators and control system testing as well as Cleanness Classification in accordance with ISO 4406 and NAS 1638.


DVG Automation quarter turn range “QT” and “BY” Scotch Yoke Series incorporate several new design features to provide higher efficiency and cost effective solution. These actuators introduce a new generation of patented mechanism which minimizes wearing effect on all loaded & sliding parts, thus extending overall lifespan.

  • BY Series Registered Patent Nr PR2008A00007
  • QT Series Registered Patent Nr PR2008A20006
  • SDCU beacon local indicator Registered Patent Nr PR2014A000089 / 102014902318574