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QTP Pneumatic Actuators Series

DVG introduces a new generation of patented mechanism which minimizes wearing effect on all loaded & sliding parts, thus extending overall lifespan. QT Series are suitable for all modulating as well as heavy-duty services fitting any quarter-turn (90 deg) application.


  • Quarter turn SCOTCH YOKE Mechanism
  • Double acting & Spring return
  • Symmetric or canted yoke design
  • Pneumatic power supply (up to 12 BARG)
  • Output Torque Up to 800.000 Nm
  • Standard temperature range -20°C +85°C
  • Low temperature version -60°C + 85°C
  • PED 2014/68/UE Compliant
  • ATEX 2014/34/UE Compliant
  • IP67M, NEMA 4, 4x & 6 as minimum
  • SIL3 Capable according to IEC 61508
  • Corrosion resistant cylinder
  • Manual Override available
  • Protected travel stops are standard
  • Modular concept
  • Actuator in carbon steel – NO Aluminum NO Cast Iron
  • Pressure retaining components and power springs 3.1 Certified according to EN10204 3.1

Key Features & Advantages

Operating Range
  • The Double-acting models are available with individual test and output torque ranging from 1500 Nm (13,250 lb in) to 800,000 Nm (7,080,000 lb-in)
  • The Single acting models deliver spring ending torque ranging from 1,800 Nm (15,900 lb-in) to 220,000 Nm (1,947,165 lb-in)
  • Operating pressure ranges between 3 barg (45 psig) to 12 barg (175 psig)
  • Standard design construction allows operating temperature from -30 degC (-22 degF) to +93 degC (+199 degF)
  • Low temperature design extends operating range down to -60 degC (-76 degF)
Supply medium

Instrument air, nitrogen, sweet gas. Special version available for sour gas

Scotch Yoke

PATENTED Guide Bar hard chromium plated minimizing guide block swing extending piston rod lifespan under heavy load &/or continuous modulating duty and avoiding any side load on valve stem. Excellent surface finish and self lubricated bearings accomplish higher overall efficiency.

External Tie Rod

External tie-rods, zinc based chemical coating which resists 500 – 1000 hours of salt fog, maintain cylinder integrity.

Symmetric or canted yoke

QT Series is available with either symmetric or canted yoke design depending on valve torque profile demand.

Water ingress protection

Totally enclosed and weather-proof actuator center-body is engineered to meet IP66, IP67 IP67M and NEMA 4 & 4X Specifications for submerged and high pressure water deluge applications.


Cylinder Tube & all structural parts are manufactured in carbon steel material: no cast/grey iron or aluminum. All pressure containing parts are supplied with 3.1 Certificate according to EN10204. Designed according to PED (97/23 CE) Directive.

Corrosion Prevention

Cylinder tube is internally nickel-plated lined (minimum 25µm). Nickel-plating layer can be increased upon request.
External coating provides higher reliability in harsh environmental conditions as per ISO 12944 (Expected Durability) and in compliance with NORSOK M-CR-501 requirements.


Floating type piston seal prevents sticking phenomena after prolonged operation-less period and ensures reduced hysteresis and high sensitivity.


Dual piston PTFE sliding guide, yoke and guide block are mounted with steel Teflon coated bushing to minimize wearing effect and show higher sensitivity.

Spring module

Fully welded o-ring sealed spring canister module is inherently safe; the DVG Automation adopted system allows safe assembly/disassembly without any risk for the personnel due to residual spring force.


AISI 316 Stainless Steel embossed name plate ensures long lasting information preservation, thus guaranteeing lifetime traceability.

Travel stops

External travel stops with protective cap ensure precise angular stroke adjustment up to -5deg / +5deg at each end.

Lifting point

By means of DIN certified eyelet (three or four off lifting point according to center-body size).

Optional Features

Mounting Pad

Accessory mounting pad allows dual side mounting & does not require any fixing modification in case of rear side assembly.

Manual Override

DVG Automation QYP series can be supplied with hydraulic manual override system Power is provided by operation of local manual hydraulic hand pump. Open and close action can be selected by means of a directional control valve.

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