Control Systems

Control Systems & Components Control Systems are usually an integral part of each DVG Actuators and they are all customised according to our clients specific functional & operational requirements. During the years DVG developed many pneumatic and hydraulic components to improve and highlight our actuator control system performances. Self contained hydraulic unit (SCHU) High pressure manifold for gas operated actuators Piloted Valves Quick Exhaust valves Boosters Flow regulator valves High pressure regulator Pneumatic High pressure Line break device Control System Certifications SIL - 2-2 HYDRAULIC VALVE APDH SERIES SIL - 3-2 HYDRAULIC VALVE APDH SERIES SIL - DUMP VALVE AQEH SERIES SIL - HYDRAULIC QUICK EXHAUST VALVE SIL - MECHANICAL PST SIL - PNEUMATIC PRESSURE SWITCH APS SERIES SIL - PNEUMATIC QUICK EXHAUST VALVE SIL - PNEUMATIC VALVE APD SERIES SIL - QUICK LOAD VALVE AQEH SERIES Read more