Management at DVG AUTOMATION SPA has adopted the objective strategy of customer satisfaction embodied in the continuous improvement of all company processes and procedures, developing and applying the program and quality aims stated in our company’s Quality Management System.


to be a point of reference in the production and world trading of piston actuators and relative control systems for the oil & gas, petrol-chemical and power sectors. To completely ensure customer satisfaction (both internally and externally) through to continuous technological innovation, seeking customized solutions, utmost intrinsic product quality, excellence in service characterised by constant attention and prompt answers to customers’ explicit and latent requirements, quickly identifying efficiently and efficaciously the most suitable solutions, to guarantee an adequate medium-long time financial return.

Management identified the following general objectives:

  1. to respect current law and Community directives (PED, ATEX, Machine Directives), providing a system for the collection and updating of said norms, also through direct contact with the Institutional Bodies in this sector;
  2. to progressively improve the quality of the services provided by implementing all the most functional technological, organisational and procedural solutions in respect of the Company’s financial and managerial equilibrium;
  3. to increase Customer Satisfaction, by conforming services with defined requirements and respecting the established time of delivery;
  4. to identify and acquire means and ability to improve competitiveness and company know how;
  5. to pay attention to the claims of personnel, the Clients and Associations of different types (social, political, trades unions), considering their sensitivity and expectations in order to guarantee transparency in relations and collaboration with society;
  6. to involve and render responsible all staff, with training and information, as well as to favour in-house circulation of information;
  7. to monitor suppliers to ensure they operate in line with company practice and procedures;
  8. to implement and maintain in activity a management system that considers the context and risks linked with the activity that could influence the quality of the service.

To reach said objectives, Management intends to apply a Quality Management System in conformity with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard.

Our Quality Policy is to be intended as not only the expression of the Company’s will but also a reference for DVG AUTOMATION SPA’s staff in carrying out their activities with the responsibility required. For these motives, the Policy is available on the company website, on the company’s notice board and will be supplied to any person requesting a copy. The Management undertakes, finally, to regularly review at intervals of not more than one year, the adequacy of the Quality Management System, by means of appropriate revisions.