The principle that has characterized DVG AUTOMATION’s production and the supply of its commercial services from the very beginning and which will never be disregarded, is based on the concept of work practices respecting the environment and implementing the best conditions as possible as concerns Safety and Health at the Workplace (S&SL), by adopting the principles of prevention and continuous improvement.

The Management of DVG AUTOMATION S.p.A. has identified a series of fundamental plans of general commitment:

Strictly comply, both in form and substance, with the laws and the applicable environmental and S&SL regulations, and respect the commitments that have been freely undergone with the parties concerned.

Prioritise as far as possible, upon choice of the raw materials, with particular regard to chemical substances and processes, the less harmful materials for people and the environment.

Assess in advance the new processes, technologies, activities and services in order to properly identify the S&SL and environmental aspects and effects, while ensuring their control also for the purposes of an improvement in the environmental performances.

Whenever new materials are selected or in case of modifications to the processes, e.g. in case of real estate projects or plant engineering, provide for an assessment of the relating S&SL and environmental aspects of DVG AUTOMATION S.p.A.

Commit to environmental protection, including pollution prevention as identified by context analysis.

For this purpose DVG AUTOMATION’s objectives are to:

  1. Operate according to the principles of continuous improvement with regard to workers’ health by reducing accidents, professional and work-related illnesses, adopting specific techniques and preventive measures to control emergencies and monitoring significant impacts on the environment;
  2. Make every reasonable effort to reduce the generation of waste, particularly hazardous waste, starting from the source; in every work phase, favouring the management of waste according to a scale of priorities that privileges, wherever possible, the reuse, recycling and recovery of raw materials, as well as combustion to produce energy;
  3. Avoid unnecessary waste and consumption of energy and natural resources, including water and, when possible, privileging renewable sources of energy;
  4. Avail, as much as possible, of suppliers of goods and services who adopt correct environmental behaviour, in line with the organisation’s practice and environmental procedures;
  5. Ensure that staff are instructed and trained to adopt behaviour coherent with this policy.

The Management undertakes to appropriately monitor and assess the environmental efficiency and S&SL of the objectives identified. For this purpose, the policy and application of the Environment and S&SL System will be reviewed periodically.

This Policy, in order to sensitize and involve everyone in pursuing the aims of the integrated management system, is communicated to all staff at DVG Automation S.p.A. and all those working on behalf of the company. It is also available to the public and all interested parties, guaranteeing an open and constructive approach.